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My SkinCare Routine!!!

Hi Beauties

A lot of people have asked me what skincare routine is at the moment, so i thought i would share it on my blog. I hope this will help some of you guys out there.
First of all i would like to say that i do not have perfect skin, no no i have very sensitive Acne prone skin. At the beginning of this year i told myself that i would start taking care of my skin because it was getting worse. I did a lot of research and trials to come up with a good skincare routine. My skin is not perfect but it has improved greatly and i think is because i now take good care of my skin.

With my skin i keep it natural and simple really. I find that most commercial products are really harsh for my skin. Another thing is that i decided to study my skin to find out what type of skin i have so that i could find the right way to treat it.

Skin Type

I've got Combination skin. My T-zone (forehead and down to the nose) is very oily and my cheeks and rest of my face is dry.

Products For My Face