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New Hair journey--- I chopped it again!

Hi Beauties,

So i had my big chop about a week ago. I was really loving my natural hair but some parts of my front hair was still relaxed. So i decided to go to the babers have it cut really short.
At the barber shop they kept asking me if i was sure, i was like yeah i'm sure and he said there is no going back once i start. To be totally honest i was a bit scared, it was a huge step i didn't know how i was going to look after the cut. As he was cutting it, he kept saying how it suits me and how i have beautiful curls. When he finished i felt liberated, my head felt light in a good way. After he shampooed my hair i felt so free and i loved the way i looked.

So far i've had a lot of compliments from colleagues, friends and family which is good. If you are taking this big step its nice to see that people actually like it. When i decided to cut my hair i prepared my brain not to care what people might say about the short do, so i was ready for the negative comments, well it di…