Natural Hair Pictures

Wonder Curls

Little Twistout In front with BeUnique Haircare Mango Twist

Small Box Braids

Romantic Hairstyle

Fluffy Twistout

Twistout on Flat Ironed hair

Old Twist-out on Natural Hair

Twist-Out Results Using Curls Heavy Cream

First Big Chop

Second Big chop ( a week after my first big chop)

 Big Chop Day

A Week After Big Chop

Stretched hair with very light blow out and threading
(I maintain it by threading at night, it keeps it streatched)

Twist out using Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie with EcoStyler gel
( my hair was left soft and curls were defined)

Trying to wear scraf to spice up my look

10 Month Natural

11 Months Natural

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