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Lipgloss Chic- Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Review

Hi Beauties
I'm introducing a new series on my blog called Lipgloss Chic. In this series i will be reviewing and talking about lipglosses from drugstore brands to High End brands. I know a lot of people that would like to buy lipglosses from brands other than MAC, but are not sure about the quality of the lipglosses. So i hope this series helps most of you out there.
Illamasqua I have heard so much about Illamasqua from many Makeup artist especially Pixiwoo. So i decided to try some of their products starting from their Intense lipglosses. The lipglosses i bought from Illamasqua are called Mina and Move.
Description Of Gloss It's a liquid lipstick that will make your lips look full and shiny without being sticky.
Verdict  I do like the lipgloss. I can wear without a lipstick. For a lipgloss it is long lasting and it last even longer if applied with a lipliner as a base. It is quite pigmented, considering the fact that my upper lip is quite dark, the lipglosse's colour still showe…