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10 Months Natural and What I've Learned Since BC

Hi Beauties

So I'm 10 months natural, my journey began 18th May 2011. So far i am happy with my hair, I've had ups and downs but it's still an amazing journey. I had to learn so much about my hair and hair in general. I learnt to get used to my natural hair texture and how to care for it. I'm not saying that i know everything because I'm still a learning progress. Like everyone else i have my bad hair days and my good hair days.

In the beginning, a month or 2 after my big chop i had problems styling my hair. I did not know how to style it and i became really frustrated with my hair. But that did not push me to go back to relaxers, because i knew going back to relaxer was worse than what i was experiencing. So i put my hair in a protective style I first started by braiding my hair with extensions and then during the winter i just had weaves just to avoid my hair completely and also to protect it from the harsh weather. Although my hair was in a protective style i st…