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100% Natural Homemade Acne Reducing Mask & Toner!

Its Easy Making your own facial mask and toner is easy, cheap and 100% natural which is great for your skin.

With our current economy we have to cut on a lot of our expenses,  We cant afford to spend on expensive products that may not have promising results on our skin. 
Making your own products at home is one of the good ways of cutting down your expenses and saving money. Good facial mask and toners in most drugstores or beauty shops can be expensive and a lot of their major ingredients can be found in your local health food store i.e Holland and Barrett or even in some supermarkets.

Mask - Naturally everyone has got a skin care regimen they use on a daily bases of cleansing, toning and moisturizing their skin, twice a day preferably day and night ( if you do not have a regimen please start one now it will help improve your skin). A mask is used for a deeper cleansing of opening the pores and removing impurities. It is also used for brightening the skin, healing hyper-pigmentation and a…