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Stretched Hair Without using Heat

I discovered a great way strecthing my hair without using heat. I'm pretty sure a lot people know about it, but just in case you didn't know and you want to find out how, please keep reading.

Last week I wore my hair in a stretched style. To achieve the style I threaded my hair. I first started my blow drying one section of my hair, then I stopped beacuse i was scared of heat damage and was not sure if i was doing it right, so i decided to find another method to stretch my hair without having to apply heat. So i tried threading my hair. I remember when I was little, my mum used to thread my sister and i's hair and it always kept our kinks stretched. So I thought I would try it this time and see how it goes.

All you need is a weaving thread to do this. Take a section of hair that is well detangled, hold your hair from the bottom with one hand and use the other hand to thread by going around the hair in circles ( i hope it makes sense if not pls let me know, i will do a vi…