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Naturally United Event- Highlights and Pictures

Naturally United Event was a fun. Rose Addori did a wonderful job at organising the event. The Place was spacious and the vendors were well spaced out. There was so much food and drinks and the atmosphere was really friendly. The highlight for me was spending time with the beautiful natural hair ladies and also the wonderful vendors. Melissa and Hugette from Bespoke Hair did a presentation on SisterLocks. Explaining how it is done , how to care for it and the benefits of having sisterlocks.
I have to say i love these natural hair meet ups, I get to meet wonderful people, i learn a lot and it is also an excuse for me to shop for products lol. We also recieved a goody bag at the end of the event.

Pictures Of The Wonderful Vendors Gidore

Lukwesa Barnes FromGidore was so cheerful and friendly and giving my friend and i so much advice on how to care for our hair and what type of products to use for tighlty coiled hair.

BeUnique Haircare

Belinda's Mom doing beautiful Crochet earrings