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Gidore Multi-Texture Hair Workshop with Felicia Leatherwood

Hi Beauties

On Saturday the 31st of March, I was at the Multi-Texture hair workshop Featuring the lovely Felicia Leatherwood. This Natural Hair Event was organised by Gidore.Lukwesa Burak Founder of  Gidore did a wonderful job at making sure that everything ran smoothly.They were good refreshments and we also received some goodies at the end of the event which was good.

Felicia Leatherwood Natural hair Specialist,celebrity Hairstylist and founder of Loving Your Hair With Natural Care was a special guest at the event.  She came to teach and answer some questions about natural hair. Having done a lot of research about natural hair, I thought I was going to hear the same things that have learnt in the past about natural hair. But surprisingly for me it wasn't the case, there were a lot of things I did not know and learning all this New things was the highlight of my day.
Felicia talked about building a haircare regimen that is best for our hair and using the right products for the ha…