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HOTD| My First Wash n Go Using Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream

Hi Beauties

I wanted to share you my first ever Wash n Go using a styling cream. I usually do  Wash n Gos with just conditioner, this method does not enhance my natural curl pattern.

I Bought Jane Carter solution Curl Defining Cream in an event Organised by Gidore and Jane Carter was also there to do a demo on her product line and I decided to try it on my hair.

This Wash n Go was done on dry hair.. My hair was Co-washed and moisturised. Once dry, i sectioned my hair into 4 section.I moistened my hair just a little bit sealed with my butter mix and added Jane Carter solution Curl Defining Cream to each section using the "shingling" method.

I was really surprised with how my curls were enhanced, i did not really think that i had that much curl definition. My hair does not feel crunchy it's very soft. I noticed that the sides of my hair do not have much curl definition and that is because of my curl pattern at the side of my head. This is not the perfect Wash n Go, with m…