Collective Haul, Inglot, Sigma Brushes and La Femme Blushes Reviewed!!!

Hi Beauties,

For the past couple of months I have been building up my makeup kit, I want to be ready in case I get a gig. These are products that I have purchased in the last couple of weeks. If you are interested in buying these products but were unsure of the quality then this may be helpful to you.

Lets start with Inglot

Inglot is a company that has been trading for over 25 years, it was founded by a young chemist called Wojtek Inglot. He started by selling nail polish and then branched out into selling makeup products.

I went to IMATS in January; I visited the Inglot stand but was so bemused by all the colours and products they had on show I did not buy anything, BIG mistake because they were really very cheap.

Since then I went to the Inglot store at Westfield (London) and was just amazed by the amount of eyeshadows, lip products and nail polish they have. At Inglot they have a system called the Freedom System where you can have custom made eyeshadow palettes, you chose the colours you want and then they will put it in a palette for you, you can have a mixture of eyeshadows and lipstick or lipstick and eyebrow powders etc...
I chose ten round pan eyeshadows and am very happy with the choice of colours. Inglot eyeshadows do not have names the colours are identified by numbers and texture. These eyeshadows are great quality, the pigments are good and they are really easy to blend and work with. The palette that comes with it is very sturdy, if you are a make-up artist you can keep it in your kit and it's also great for travelling. These eyeshadows are highly recommended, I believe they are as good as Mac eyeshadow and are not that expensive. I am going to post a make-up look using these eyeshadows. I absolutely love them and they are a permanent fixture in my make-up kit.

La Femme Blushes

These blushes cost only £2.99, so many make-up artists are raving about them. They are really cheap and the quality is really great. It gives Mac blushes a run for their money (literally). They are very pigmented they melt into the skin and blend extremely easily. These blushes are highly recommended and they are very cheap so a big thumbs up for that. You can purchase them at Their customer service is great and shipping is fast.

I would like to thank Wayne Goss from Gossmakeupartist and Ebony from Colouredbeautiful on YouTube for the great review about these blushes if you haven't subscribed to their channel please do they have great make-up tips, tutorials and great reviews ( and 

Sigma Make-Up Brushes
The flat ‘kabuki’ brush is called the F80 and the fluffy eyeshadow brush is the E40. I love both brushes, however I prefer the F80 for applying foundation as it gives a flawless finish (absolutely worth the money). The E40 is similar to the Mac 224 brush its great for blending eyeshadows or applying concealer BUT I have a problem with the E40, it sheds like crazy, maybe I  have a defective brush. I sent Sigma an email explaining the problem and they are sending a replacement. Their customer service is really good and I highly recommend Sigma brushes as well especially the F80. If you are interested in buying sigma brushes you can do from this link, they have a wide range of brushes and most are similar to Mac brushes the only real difference is price.

I hope this review was helpful especially to those who are just starting with make-up like me! You don't always have to buy expensive make-up you can start up with affordable, good quality make-up and save a lot of money. If you have any questions please comment in the box below and I will reply as best I can.

As always stay Beautiful xx



maphi said…
i love inglot its so amazing xoxo
Kulchicbeauty said…
yes it is, its must have, i will recommend it to anyone, the colour payoff is amazing xx
amazing colours!!!!

From your newest follower!! Follow me back :)
Kulchicbeauty said…
@Artist by design Thank you so much

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