New Hair Journey---- The Big Chop!!!!!

This is really huge step for me, but I had to do it. I’ve thought of going natural for quite some time but didn’t have the courage to do so and kept putting it off. Early this year my hair refused to get relaxed and I tried different good relaxers. It was not working and I kept getting burns on my scalp. So I stopped relaxing my hair and kept it in a protective style (weave). On Saturday an hair stylist and consultant called Tola treated and cut all my relaxed hair. If you are interested in how to treat your hair, please check out Tola on blog she is really good on hair treatment and she knows alot of good products out there for relaxed and natural hair. Not only does she treat your hair, she also gives you advice on how to keep your hair healthy which i thought was good.

If you want to go natural or transition to natural hair, you have to be mentally prepared for it. If you are not used to seeing your hair natural once you have the big chop you will be shocked at first, but you will get used to it. I have been preparing myself since the beginning of this year go natural. I didn't think my natural hair was going to be this long, i was telling everyone that i was going to have a boy-cut because i thought my hair was going to be very short once my relaxed hair is removed. I was a bit shocked at first but now i love it and can't wait to try different styles with my natural hair.  I will be updating you on how it grows and what products works for me, so far i havent' bought any products yet. I am just using water at night and sealing the moisture with pure coconut oil. i am during researches on what products i can use on my hair.

These are the final looks after a failed twist out. I did not let my hair fully dry before taking it out the twist that is why it failed. I just combed it out with an Afro comb. I am loving it and proud to have this type of hair, i will be rocking it f

If you have natural hair and have any tips or products that you know are good, please write it in the comment box below.

God Bless xx


thebamz said…
well! now you look like an African queen
go on girl, you look great miss and
have fun!
Kee Lipstick said…
congrats on your BC!
Kulchicbeauty said…
thank you guys for the support xx
lolacoco1 said…
wow congrats on BC, looking forward to seeing the many versatile styles that you come up with!!
hkouchika said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kulchicbeauty said…
@lolacoco1 thank you, cant wait to see how my hair turns out, i have alot to learn
From Broadway said…
Your hair looks awesome like this!
Kulchicbeauty said…
thank you so much hun x

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