New Hair journey--- I chopped it again!

Hi Beauties,

So i had my big chop about a week ago. I was really loving my natural hair but some parts of my front hair was still relaxed. So i decided to go to the babers have it cut really short.
At the barber shop they kept asking me if i was sure, i was like yeah i'm sure and he said there is no going back once i start. To be totally honest i was a bit scared, it was a huge step i didn't know how i was going to look after the cut. As he was cutting it, he kept saying how it suits me and how i have beautiful curls. When he finished i felt liberated, my head felt light in a good way. After he shampooed my hair i felt so free and i loved the way i looked.

So far i've had a lot of compliments from colleagues, friends and family which is good. If you are taking this big step its nice to see that people actually like it. When i decided to cut my hair i prepared my brain not to care what people might say about the short do, so i was ready for the negative comments, well it didn't happen. So if your thinking of going natural wether you want to transition or have the big chop, go for it don't be afraid trust me you will feel good afterwards. If i think of how unhappy i have been with my hair for years, and the pain from relaxer burns and the awful texture of my relaxed hair was, i wish i had realised then that i just needed to stop all that and go back to my roots.

I love the feel of my hair  and i love the texture of it. I keep touching it i just love it.

Products i am using so far

  • I co-wash with Herbal Essence "hello Hydration" conditioner.
  •   I have made my own shea butter and coconut oil whipp cream, i have added some oils in them like olive oil and almond oil ( that is all i have at home at the moment)
  • Mist mixture of rosewater,almond oil and glycerine. I spray this to keep my hair moisturised.
I am getting to know my hair and the texture and this is a journey for me so i will be making mistakes and learning what works and what does not work for my hair texture. I will be updating this journey on my blog every week or every 2 weeks.
I would also love to get some tips on natural hair from anyone out there and i can't wait to get to know the natural hair blog community.

Lastly, I will say Don't over think it just do it and trust me you will not regret it.

Stay beautiful xoxo


Natalie Kay said…
You pull off the short look fantastically! Can't wait to see the progress!
lolacoco1 said…
wow you definetly pull this look off!! fierce!!
CocoagirlD said…
you look really good with short hair looks so jazzy but still very sexy and seductive.. i like it that length.. you have nice features.
Kulchicbeauty said…
thank you so much ladies for the support. i cant wait to see how it grows, but i am still enjoying this short do, i have to say i really like it xx
Kulchicbeauty said…
@Kee Lipstick Thank you so much x

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