10 Months Natural and What I've Learned Since BC

Hi Beauties

So I'm 10 months natural, my journey began 18th May 2011. So far i am happy with my hair, I've had ups and downs but it's still an amazing journey. I had to learn so much about my hair and hair in general. I learnt to get used to my natural hair texture and how to care for it. I'm not saying that i know everything because I'm still a learning progress. Like everyone else i have my bad hair days and my good hair days.

In the beginning, a month or 2 after my big chop i had problems styling my hair. I did not know how to style it and i became really frustrated with my hair. But that did not push me to go back to relaxers, because i knew going back to relaxer was worse than what i was experiencing. So i put my hair in a protective style I first started by braiding my hair with extensions and then during the winter i just had weaves just to avoid my hair completely and also to protect it from the harsh weather. Although my hair was in a protective style i still took care of it, under my weave or braids. I washed, conditioned, treated and moisturised my hair regularly and i also gave it 1 to 2 weeks break in between my protective styles.

Hair Texture

My hair is a 4 type hair probably a 4C or B. I have different textures all over my head. My sides and back hair are really tightly curled and the middle part of my hair has loose curls.


My Current Staples

I have a post where i talk about my Staple Products. I pretty much use the same products. The only product i do not have anymore is the Cream Of Nature Detangling shampoo and that is because it's been discontinued. So I'm on the look out for a good Shampoo. I bought another Cream of nature Argan oil shampoo, it is free of sulphate. I try as much not to use shampoos with sulphate in them. Just because they tend to dry out my hair and scalp, so i only use them when necessary.


Lastly Ladies

I will like to encourage newly naturals not to get discouraged. The beginning is usually hard to manage your hair. You will have to get used to your natural hair all over again, you have to understand your hair and learn what your hair likes. Once you learn about your hair and how to handle it you will love it.


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