Gidore Multi-Texture Hair Workshop with Felicia Leatherwood

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On Saturday the 31st of March, I was at the Multi-Texture hair workshop Featuring the lovely Felicia Leatherwood. This Natural Hair Event was organised by Gidore. Lukwesa Burak Founder of  Gidore did a wonderful job at making sure that everything ran smoothly.They were good refreshments and we also received some goodies at the end of the event which was good.

Felicia Leatherwood Natural hair Specialist,celebrity Hairstylist and founder of  Loving Your Hair With Natural Care was a special guest at the event.  She came to teach and answer some questions about natural hair. Having done a lot of research about natural hair, I thought I was going to hear the same things that have learnt in the past about natural hair. But surprisingly for me it wasn't the case, there were a lot of things I did not know and learning all this New things was the highlight of my day.
Felicia talked about building a haircare regimen that is best for our hair and using the right products for the hair.

These area few things she said that i managed to write and remember from the workshop;

Shampoos: it's best to shampoo once a month with a sulfate free shampoo and she mentioned that she usually use Shea Moisture's African Black soap Balancing shampoo and Jane Carter Sulfate free shampoo on her clients. It's best to shampoo your hair 3 times, the first 2 times with a deep cleansing shampoo and the last time with a moisturising shampoo so that the hair does not feel too stripped.
Dandruff: it transfers, so its best not to use combs or hair tools that someone with dandruff is using. Shea moisture's African Black Soap Balancing Shampoo is great for dandruff. To use is it's best first to apply to the hair when it's dry to activate the shampoo and make it work on the scalp. And gradually apply water to the hair.
Deep Conditioning: it's best to deep condition twice a month
Hairlines: best products to deal with hairlines are Organic Stimulator's Temple Balm and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
Blow drying and Heat Damage: it is always good to wash, condition and apply a leave-in conditioner before blow drying. Leave in conditioners help to protect the hair from heat damage. A good one she mentioned is the Beautiful Texture Leave In Conditioner it also acts a a heat protectant. Also using oils as heat protecting eg. grapeseed oil can be tricky and also might fry or cook the hair. The best blow dryer Felicia uses is the Tourmaline Ceramic Hair dryer

Argan or Moroccan Oil helps to mend hair for heat damage and it is also good for dry ends.
Breakage and tearing of hair: breakage could be cause by different things. It could be lack of protein and Biotin. What you eat or if your diet has changed. Some medications can cause breakage to the hair.
Breakage can be prevented by drinking water, eating vegetables, vitamins etc...
Hair Loss Problems: she talked about taking Viviscal supplement and also using products from Oviation and it is called the Ovation's Advance cell therapy Treatment. These help in growing your hair if you have suffered hair loss.

Jane Carter Solutions

Jane Carter spoke about her product line and different ways of using her products and how to combine some products together.


A representative from KeraCare also spoke about the new KeraCare that caters to Natural hair hair and she also did a little demo on how to use their Products

There were a couple of vendors at the event like Akua from SheaCottage , Tope from Mahogany Naturals, As I Am, Jane Carter Solutions, KeraCare, Beautiful Textures, Shea Moisture and Adornement365 .

Enjoy Some of the Pictures i took on that day

With Lukwesa Burak Founder of Gidore

Me with Felicia Leatherwood

With Fiona Eau from loveyourtresses

Me with Jane Carter

Cassidy Blackwell from Natural Selection Blog

Tope From Mahogany Naturals

Laila from FusionofCultures

Me and the Lovely Crystal from CrystalAfro

That's it Beauties,Till Next Time
Bisous x



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