Braid-Outs Tutorial On Natural Hair

Hey Ladies
I achieved this look using Curls Whipped Heavy cream which has become my favourite styling product. My braidout got better and bigger by the day and i loved it. I have a video on this look coming soon please subscribe to my YouTube Channel @Nyla115 to get the update.

First Day Braidout


 2nd Day Braidout- Loving it more

3rd Day Braidout

 4th Day Braidout


Last Day- I did a High Puff

Please check out how i achieved this look at

Bisous, Nyla


Kay Koko said…
Hi, you look so lovely!

I have two questions.

First, where are you from LOL?

Second, do you use the same styling product for each day that you re-braid your hair?
Kulchicbeauty said…
@Kay Koko thank you. i'm from DR Congo and no i do use the same styling product to re-braid my hair i just moisturise it and re-braid x

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