I Love..... Glossy Lip Balms for only 99p

This Glossy Lip Balm are so good and they only cost 99p, what a Bargain! when i first bought the lip balm i did not expect much from it but i was surprised on how it moisturised my lips and left it soft. It has become one of my go to lip balms, i always reach out for it. You can find it at most Superdrugs Store here in the UK.
The Brand is called I Love Cosmetics and they also sell wide range of body butters, bath gels, body scrubs and shower gels.

The first glossy lip balm is called Strawberries & Milkshake, the secong is Mango & Papaya and the Third is Raspberry & Blackberry.

Strawberries & milkshake is my favourite out of the three lip balms,as you can see I've used most of it.


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