Beauty Haul: Neal's Yard and MUA eyeshadows!

Hello beauties

Last Sunday my sister and i went to Neal's Yard Remedy shop in South Kensington to check out the store. I have heard alot about their products and the fact that they are made from natural ingredients, and you guys know I'm all about natural products for my skin, so we wanted to see what they offered. I was mainly looking for a skin product that will take care of my hormonal breakouts, Ladies you know what i am talking about. My breakouts are really bad and especially if i have been stressed that month,i get them really bad.
At the shop we were told to try the "Organic beauty Oil" for 3 months and this will help improve the skin. So I'm just going to write what is written on the box, the ingredients, what it does and why it is good for the skin.


Organic beauty Oil is a supplement that will help improve skin, hair and nails with a combination of hemp, flax, avocado and evening primrose oil.
As well as looking after the surface of your skin by applying nourishing skin care, the key to healthy, radiant skin lies in providing the essential nutrition that it needs to renew, maintain and repair. This Beauty Oil contains nourishing omega fatty acids, essential nutrients and anti-oxidants that the skin needs to replenish itself.

• Nutritional aid to support the body in feeling good and looking younger
• Offers a comprehensive range of potent antioxidants including vitamin E and carotenoids alpha and beta-carotene, along with botanical antioxidant lutein (present in dark, leafy vegetables)
• Simple way to boost the goodness in your diet

How to use:

Take two or three teaspoons daily at mealtimes. Add to fruit or vegetable smoothies, salad dressings, dips, soups or drizzle onto vegetables, pasta, rice etc... or just take neat from the spoon.

Review so far: My sister and i are having breakouts after few days of taking this so i don't know, i will keep taking it for a month and see what happens next. I will write a detailed review after a month of use.

MUA (MakeUpAcademy)

from left to right i have got a light beige, Dark brown (Matt), a dark green colour ( really beautiful) and the last one is an eye dust.

These eye shadows are the cheapest shadows i have seen and i tell you they are very pigmented, very soft and easy to blend. I actually love them, they are a must have, especially if you are on a budget they are great. They are found in most Superdrugs stores, so if you are interested go and check it out.

Here a quick look i did with the first three colours.

I applied the light beige colour on my brow bone, dark brown colour on my crease for definition and applied the beautiful dark green colour on my lid. this was just a quick look to see well i can work with these eye shadows. I love them.


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