Giovanni Organic hair care Found in London!

Hi Beauties

Lately i have been doing alot of research to find natural hair products in the UK. I found out that we actually have a couple of Whole food Market stores here in London. They currently have Giovanni Organic Hair Care on sale. For those who love Giovanni and live in London, the whole Food Market have branches in Camden, Stoke Newington, Soho and High Street Kensington. If you also into making your own hair products, they have a lot of natural ingredients available at all of their stores. Their customer service is fantastic, i will say better than Holland and Barrett.
Hope this helps have a lovely day xoxo.


Moderne Meid said…
I love Whole Foods Market! Sadly they don't have one in Birmingham. But last time I was in London, I went to the High Street Kensington one, and purchased some Giovanni hair samples ^^

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