Homemade Eye makeup remover Using GrapeSeed Oil

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I haven't talked about Homemade beauty products for a while now. I have alot that i am trying at home at the moment and some have been really effective. Today, i'm going to talk about homamade Eye makeup remover.
There are different ways of making homemade eye makeup remover by using different ingredients. The homemade makeup remover that i've been loving is the one using grapeseed oil as the main ingredient.

Grapeseed oil is a plant product produced by cold pressure from the seeds of grapes (Vitis vinifera), an abundant by-product of winemaking. It has a slight greenish colour or sometimes can be colourless and contains vitamins, minerals and proteins.
 Grapeseed oil is one of the preferred ingredients in cosmetic products for controlling moisture in the skin. It is light and thin, and leaves a thin protective layer on the skin when used as base oil for essential oils in aromatherapy and also used as a moisturizer after shaving. It has a fine texture which is non-greasy and light, it is easily absorbed by the skin which makes the skin soft.Grapeseed oil is also known to be beneficial for tightening sagging skin as it has mild astringent properties that helps to tone the skin. New research has shown that grapeseed oil also has anti-aging properties that will help to keep skin youthful and glowing. Grapeseed oil can been found in most supermarket stores and it's affordable.

So Now you can understand why i chose this oil as my main ingredient for my homemade eye makeup remover. It is so easy to make and it is all natural.


Distilled Water
Grapeseed oil

That is all you need just mix the 2 ingredient together.


Apply the mixture to a cotton pad.Place the pad over your eye by gently pressing and holding on to your lashes, give the product a good 20 to 30 seconds to work. After than begin by wiping in a downward motion to remove the makeup. Make sure you are genlte while removing your eyemakeup. This is to avoid pulling that may cause premature sagging and wrinkling of the eyes.You can also try using a cotton swab with the end soaked in the homemade remover to remove stubborn eyeliner.

This process is simple and easy, not only does it remove your makeup it also keeps your skin nourishes, smooth and moisturised.

I hope this was helpful to you.

Try this at home and let me know what you think.

Till next time have a wonderful weekend
Bisous x


Suresh said…
Thank you for using my Guide and if it work for you that makes me happy

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