Sleek Blush BY3 Trio Blush Palette

From Left to right the palettes are called Lace, Sugar, Flame, Pink Sprint and Pumpkin

Hi Beauties

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I went to Superdrugs today and found that sleek have released new products which are the Limited Edition Trio blush palette called Blush BY3.
They are all very pigmented, I swatched most of them at the store. You will need a light touch when applying these blushes.They are just £9.99 in store and for the price i think its well worth it. I only bought 1 palette which is called "Pink Sprint" but i would like to buy more because they are really good and affordable.

Swatches of Pink Spirit Blush Palette


Anonymous said…
Hi, what is your opinion on the one you bought. I saw it today and LOVE it! Especially the darkest pink. I haven't bought it yet though.
Kulchicbeauty said…
Sorry for the late reply. I love the blushes the darkest one is very pigmented you have to be light handed with. I have been using it almost everyday i recommend it. I will be buying more

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