Memoirs Of My Hair Journey (May 2011-April2012)

My 1st Birthday
Rocking My Afro puffs

Relaxed Days
This is the longest i let my hair grow, i loved short hair when i was relaxed

Cut My hair short


Did some weaves and added tracks of extensions at the back to add some length

During my Short Transitioning Period (5 Months)


My First Big chop

Tola from My Long Hair Journey did my first big chop

My front hair was still had relaxed ends so i used perm rods to kind of macth my natural hair
Here as you can see i braided my front hair because it was relaxed and did not macth my natural hair texture

Opps... I Chopped it again

The day of my big chop- I felt liberated

It was the perfect Style for the Summer

Three week After Big Chop

Wash and go using Cantu Shea Butter Repair conditioning Cream and Eco Styler Gel Argan Oil

Sometimes I miss My Short Hair

First Wash day using Ayuverdic Powders

1 Months Post BC
It looks like my hair didn't grow that much in 1 months

2 Months Post BC

My First Protective Style (Braids) End Of August 2011

Took out My Braids at the beginning of October 2011

A Little Recap

Beginning Of November 2011 Another Protective Style
Full Weave

4 Weeks After The Weave is Out
November 2011 
7 Months Post BC

My hair wash and applied Cantu Shea Butter Repair Conditioning Leave in

Another Protective style For The Winter

I let my hair rest for 2 weeks and did another full weave

End Of January The Weave was Off
Here My hair was washed and i applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave

Did a Braid Out

Box Braids In February 2012
I only Kept them for 3 weeks

Braids Are Out and Hello Hair  lol
I discovered my love for High Puffs

Tried doing Twist Kept them for a week

A Twist out in High Puff

So i decided to give my hair a long break from Protective Styling

I Started doing more styles with my Natural hair

This is a Twist Out Using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Eco Styler gel

10 Months Natural March 2012

A Little Recap

Afro Puff

Roll & Tuck Style

I Tried wearing scarf and i love it

End Of March

April 2012

Washed my Hair and it Shrank lol

I Tried doing some Kinky Twist but it was a Fail

I took them out after a few days because they were too heavy

Kinky Twists are Out Yayyyy!!!!....and i Feel Free

Twist Out In a High Puff

Twist out using Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream and Nourish and Shine for added shine

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my Journey. The last Picture taken marks my 11 months Natural Hair Journey.
I will be celebrating my One year anniversary in May 2012 and i am still happy with my hair.
As you can see from the pictures i did a lot of protective styles especially during the Winter to protect my hair. I love protective styles, for me they help in Retaining length.

Good News!!!!!
I will be hosting a Giveaway to Celebrate my 1 year Natural hair journey in May. I will be giving away Natural Hair Products.
This is just to Thank my blog follower, youtube subscribers and facebook friends for their love and support during my journey. I really appriciate it.



SheDel said…
This was AMAZING!!! I LOVE looking at other people's journeys!! Now following :)

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