Natural Hair Product Review| Smooth 'N' Shine Therapy Silk Fusion Leave-In Styling Lotion

Product Description and Claim

Indulge your hair with silk Proteins & pearl extracts that will condition, reconstruct & transform damaged hair into manageable, healthy & lustrous tresses. This leave-in styling & conditioning lotion will leave your hair silky, smooth & sleek without weighing the hair down.

Product Verdict

I first used this product during my short transitioning period, I did not care for it then.
I used it again after my second Big Chop and I was On the hunt for a good moisturiser to help with my dry hair. As most of you may already know that after the big chop comes dry hair. I was desperate and was trying different products and technique to battle dry hair. The Silk Therapy Fusion Leave-in styling lotion was the only product that worked at that time, this product saved my hair from dryness.

This styling and conditioning lotion left my hair so soft and moisturised for the whole day, it felt like silk not only that it also gave my hair great shine.
When I decided to use this product again I did not have that much expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised at how great my hair felt after applying the hair lotion.

I Give this Product a THUMBS UP!!!

It Retails for ..... At most Afro-cab hair shops, I get mine from PAKs cosmetics. I know this Product's ingredients will cause some concern to some people but it doesn't really bother me.

I hope this review was helpful to some of you. Till next time

Bisous x


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