Newly Natural| Building a Simple & Basic Regimen


Hi Beauties

I am back today with another episode of my Newly natural series. I want to talk about Regimen and also keeping records of your Journey.

Building Regimen
It is important to get started with a haircare regimen and beacause you are newly natural i will keep it simple for now.

The key with this Regimen is to be consistent with what you decide to do. If you've decided to wash your hair once a week, the you have to keep at it, same goes with moisturising and conditioning.

In order to take better care of your hair,your basic regimen should involve Cleansing, Conditioning, Moisturising and styling

It is important to cleanse your hair regularly to remove dirt and build up from you hair and scalp and also unclog your pores in order for your hair scalp to breath and to help you hair grow normally.
Listen to your hair and find out how often it likes to be washed. Chose a shampoo or cleansing product that your hair loves.

This should always follow after cleansing the hair. Cleansing products or shampoo lifts the hair cuticles ( Higher pH of about 7) to remove the dirt, that is why it is very important to condition the hair after cleansing with a conditioner with a pH of 4.5 to 5 this helps the cuticles to lay back down. The hair is usually vulnerable when the cuticles are lifted that is why conditioning is a must. 

Moisturising & Sealing
 Always use a moisturiser that is very hydrating to your hair and has a a pH of 4.5 -5, to lock in moisture. The product that should be using to moisturise your hair should have water as it's first ingredient. Moisturising should always follow with sealing with an oil or butter to lock in moisture.

 When it comes to styling it really depends on the individual and also you have to consider the weather. I tend to do more protective styles during the winter because of the harsh weather and during the summer i tend to leave my hair out most of the time. Find a style that will not stress your scalp it is very important because too much stress to your scalp will cause Traction Alopecia ( i will cover this in a different topic).

So building a regimen is very important for the health of your hair. I hope these simple steps will help you to build a simple and basic regimen because that is all you need, anything else you add are just extras. 

Till Next Time 
Bisous x



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