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I do not have a huge collection of perfume because i don't tend to buy perfume often. I hope you have watched the video showing you my collection if not there is a link below. In this post i will explaining the scent of the perfume i mentioned in the video.

Chance By Chanel 100ml EDP (New to my collection) RRP £88

Unexpected, sparkling and romantic. It is warmed up by Absolute of Vanilla, where Absolute of Exotic Jasmine and Iris are more pronounced. A mysterious alchemy accentuated by the intensity of the White Musk note.

Chance By Chanel 50ml ( Eau Tendre)

Grapefruit-Quince notes intertwine with Jasmine Absolute, warmed by the rounded and feminine note of White Musk. I get a lot of compliment whenver i wear this perfume. It has become one of my go to perfume.

Coco Chanel 100ml (Eau de Parfum)
Oriental-floral, a warm, sensual fragrance. I only use this perfume on special occasions like weddings, special events etc.., it has an expensive scent to it.

Chanel No5 100ml ( Eau de Parfum)

Floral-aldehydic, a bouquet of abstract flowers with an indefinable femininity. It has a sophisticated, expensive and feminine scent to it. I also wear this only on special occasions.

Miss Dior Cherie by Dior

Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie 100ml Edp Spray For Women - CDMDC13Description according a chypre accord, which is enlivened with a springtime spirit. A fragrance with floral accents that dazzle joie the vivre.
To me the scent is sweet and girlie, great i you are going to dinner or out shopping.

Hugo Boss Deep Red

It is a sophisticated feminine scent fuses energy and sensuality, strength and femininity. It has fruity top notes of cassis and pear, mixed with the energy of clementine and blood orange, middle notes of the exotic butterfly lilly and base notes of precious woods, vanilla and musk.

Armani code

Armani Code 50ml Edp Perfume Spray For Women - 10030It is a seductive new fragrance for women, which is a fresh, sexy, feminine blend of zesty blood orange, ginger, and pear sorbet softened with hints of sambac jasmine, orange blossom, and lavender honey, warmed with precious woods and vanilla.

DKNY Red Delicious
 it is a Charmingly Delicious Eau de Toilette Spray also uses crisp apple as a base note, surrounded with tantalising red fruits, a hint of vanilla plus velvety rose and lush violet for a more sultry summer scent

Hugo Boss Deep Red

 Top Notes are Blackcurrant, pear, tangerine and blood orange and base notes are Sandalwood, Californian cedar, vanilla and musk. I have loved this perfume since i was in University, it's floral and at the same time sexy.
Nina Ricci L'elixir (new to my collection)

heart notes are Red Toffee Apple, Sembac Jasmine, Red Berries; top notes are Caipirinha Lime, Calabrese Lemon and Base notes are White Cedar, Cotton Musk, Warm Amber.
It has a floral and fruity scent.

YSL Parisienne

Heart notes are Damas Rose, Violet, Peony ; top notes are Cranberry, Blackberry and base notes are Vetyver, Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood.
It has a floral scent, very sexy 

All most descriptions were found at perfume websites. I hope it was helpful


010 said…
i love dior perfume. smell so great
Nia Everal said…
Lol. I own only two perfumes because I don't really wear them unless I'm going out somewhere nice and even then I tend to forget...
Kulchicbeauty said…
@010 yes Dior perfume smells really nice i also love dior addict but don't have it yet.
kate said…
i found you via pixiwoo! you looked mahhhvelous in their post. i saw that you have dkny red delicious, that's my staple scent! be delicious and fresh blossom are also nice. they're along the same lines but with some variation (green apple and apple blossoms). anywho, nice post! following you!

x kate
Kulchicbeauty said…
@Kate Thank you so much

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