New Update: Pixiwoo Intensive Makeup Course & Certificate

I have been away for a very long time. I just needed some time off to myself, i am back now and i have a lot to share.

First i would like to share my experience at Pixiwoo Intensive Makeup Course. It is a course i have been wanting to attend since i found my passion for makeup and i chose Pixiwoo because of their talent and experience in the makeup industry. I was just amazed by how much makeup products they have and there was so much to practice with.

 Nic, Sam and Stacey were all so lovely, funny and just down to earth. I felt so comfortable in the class and i got to meet some lovely girls that were with me in the class. I will take what i have learned and put it into practice, that is the only way i can get better.
I was asked by Sam to be her model for her video and she did a wonderful makeover on me, it made me fall in love with Red lipsticks, for more info check out

 Nic, Stacey & Sam

Last day Pictures

Some of the Demos done by Nic and Sam

Period Makeup

Drag Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Some Makeups done by me

Period Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Natural Makeup

If you would like to attend Pixiwoo Intensive Makeup Course please check out


Annette Akye said…
Well done, good to see you take your passion to another level, all the best dear
Kulchicbeauty said…
@Annette Akye thank you
janet londele said…
Love all the looks except for the
I can't wait to get started on my look.
Well done cuz, very proud of you xxx
Kulchicbeauty said…
@janet Londele JLO yes i know you would not like it, because it is not your style but then wedding makeup you have to do it according to the person's taste and also culture. I know what you would like, since you are Zaza loll, when you are in London come for a makeover i'm trying to build my portfollio xx

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