E.L.F Haul and swatches #eyeslipsface

Contour Blush and Bronzer in Turks & Caicos and Antigua

The Turks & Caicos bronzer is really good, i didn't think it was going to be dark enough to contour by cheeks but it really did and gave my face warmth after looking flat from applying foundation.

ELF Glossy Gloss in Tangy Tangerine and Funky Fuchsia

I really like the consistency of the lip gloss it is not too sticky and not too runny . it's just right and they are a bit opaque, i can wear this lip gloss on it's own without a lipstick under

ELF Mineral Lip Gloss in Fierce, Sorority Girl and Daring

These lipglosses are quite sheer, i tried wearing it on its own, it looked ok but i prefer a more opaque lipgloss. I will wear this with a lipstick under, but a very good friend of mine loves this lipgloss on its own

ELF Radiance Enhancer
This will work great as a highlight above my cheekbone, its really gold, it blends really well into the skin

ELF HD Blush in Showstopper and Encore

 These blushes are super pigmented, i can't wait to use them on myself and see how it blends with my skin and how it looks on my skin tone


Annette Akye said…
I really love the ELF glossy glosses and the showstopper blush is super pigmented a lil bit goes a long way. I wonder tho if it could be used for anything other apart from blush?
Anna said…
I'm interested in seeing how the showstopper blush looks!! I tried a few light pink ELF blushes, but found they weren't pigmented enough for my skin tone. :(

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